Month: April 2010

Controlled Entities

By Hayes Knight – 28 April 2010 We’ve noticed that a number of schools have formed separate entities, specifically designed to fundraise for the school or as fiduciary bodies to manage investment funds for the benefit of the school. While the intent is to be commended, these bodies are technically considered to be under the […]

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The Curly Question of “Koha”

By Hayes Knight – 28 April 2010 We often come across payments made by schools described as “koha”. While we fully appreciate the cultural expectations around koha, we are aware that there can be uncertainty as to the taxation implications. If the payment made is an unconditional gift then there can be no claim for […]

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Should we value our volunteers?

Should we value our volunteers? : By Hayes Knight – 12 April 2010 Anyone who has been involved in a charity or other not-for-profit entity will have an appreciation of the immense value that volunteers bring to these organisations. Yet interestingly when you look at a set of charity or not-for-profit annual financial statements you […]

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