Month: September 2012

Mergers and collaborations as strategic issues for NFPs

By Hayes Knight – 26 September 2012 Collaboration, co-ordination, co-operation, efficiency, effectiveness, consolidation, merging. These are concepts that have all been tossed around in the Not for Profit (NFP) sector over many years. But what do they actually mean, what is required to make it happen and why should this concept be a strategic issue […]

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Changes to the taxation of foreign superannuation funds?

By Shelley-ann Brinkley – 24 September 2012 Currently foreign superannuation is taxed either on an annual basis under the “Foreign Investment Fund” (FIF) rules, or at the time the taxpayer receives the income (i.e. a pension payment, a lump sum withdrawal, or a transfer to another scheme). This could be changing. There is currently a […]

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Novopay frustrations

By Hayes Knight – 20 September 2012 We understand that there have been some challenges with the implementation of this new system. We are also aware that a lot of effort is going in to sort the issues out. Accordingly we hope to be able to provide some more clarity at upcoming Seminar for Schools of […]

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