Month: February 2013

Proposed Assurance Requirements for Charities

By Hayes Knight – 25 February 2013 The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), the new Government Ministry combining the previous Ministry of Economic Development, has now released a further issues paper regarding their proposals to legislate assurance over the annual financial statements for large and medium sized charities. This follows a wide range […]

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Annual Reporting Instructions

By Hayes Knight – 13 February 2013 Annually the MOE publishes guidance on a range of topics affecting school financial statements. One such document is the Annual Report Instructions. This has answers to a number of common issues the MOE is seeing in their day to day work. If you haven’t already, we’d encourage everyone […]

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By Hayes Knight – 13 February 2013 Sadly this is the reason that many schools we have spoken to so far have not had a great start to the year. As your auditors we too have been dealing with the impacts of Novopay already. We have been doing our bit to ensure that the Office […]

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