Month: June 2016

Collecting the Cash – how you can make sure it keeps coming in

By Tristan Dean – 13 June 2016 A large part of keeping cashflow under control is managing your accounts receivable. Many businesses will generally take as much time as they possibly can to pay your account, after all, why pay interest on an overdraft facility when they can use your cash for free? Good receivables […]

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Hayes Knight is back in Newmarket

By Hayes Knight – 7 June 2016 New Office Announcement Hayes Knight is excited to announce the opening of a new office located at 31- 33 Great South Road, Newmarket from 1 June 2016.  Our Newmarket office will complement our existing premises at 5 William Laurie Place, Albany and signals further growth and expansion for […]

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Determining the value of time

By Jaimee Hart – 1 June 2016 Are you really making the profit you think you are??? A comment I often hear from clients is “I make good margin, so why do the accounts show such a small profit?”. When I catch up with clients, I’ve noticed there are generally three particular areas where they […]

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