Category: By Tristan Dean

Staying in the Sweet Spot

For the majority of business owners we deal with one of their key goals is growth. In fact, there is a general fixation on growth within New Zealand, but as we’ve seen with the recent growth in the Auckland population, growth often comes hand in hand with pain.   When I hear that growth is […]

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Conflict Resolution – finding Mutual Dissatisfaction

Unfortunately, even when everyone acts with the best intentions, conflicts can and do arise in any business. They arise between a business and a customer or supplier, a business and an employee, or often between joint owners of a business. What is genuinely believed to be ‘fair and reasonable’ by one party is often seen […]

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Public vs private sector challenges

Every now and again the media picks up on a story involving a government agency, council or charity supposedly spending up large on staff entertainment, big salaries or ‘perks’ and the cry goes up about the inappropriateness and wastefulness, given that it was public money, or money destined for worthy causes. Even when the spending […]

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