By Hayes Knight – 12 December 2012

Hayes Knight have acted for Paralympics New Zealand for a number of years now. While there was saturation coverage of the 2012 summer Olympics many New Zealanders sadly did not get the opportunity to see much of the Paralympics coverage. We would like to acknowledge and celebrate the fantastic performances by the New Zealand team.

New Zealand sent a strong team of 26 athletes from across seven sports to represent our country at the 2012 games. This number was unfortunately reduced by two with the withdrawal of cyclist Jayne Parsons due to injury. The New Zealand team went on to deliver six gold, seven silver and four bronze medals for a total medal haul of 17 medals. This outstanding performance placed New Zealand 21st on the medal table and in an impressive 1st place for medals per head of capita.

New Zealand’s medal winning                                    Photo: Getty Images
2012 Paralympians

Left to right: Daniel Sharp, Mary Fisher, Phillipa Gray, Laura Fairweather (nee Thompson), Fiona Southorn, Sophie Pascoe, Cameron Leslie.  Seated:  Mike Johnson

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) have launched a short online film “London 2012 – Best Games Ever”, featuring spectacular highlights from the 2012 Paralympics. The film, which can be viewed through this link, takes viewers through a rollercoaster of emotions: disappointment, anger, relief, joy, delight and satisfaction, by telling the stories of a number of Paralympians and showcasing their sporting abilities.

New Zealand Paralympians; We salute you!

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