Think global. Act local. While we can't claim authorship of this fantastic phrase, we certainly live by it. We have a wide reach of international connections through our membership with Morison KSi.

International Associations

Here is an overview of the global resource available to our clients:Morison KSi logo - RGB file for website

Hayes Knight in New Zealand is an independent member of Morison KSi, which is a $1 billion global association of independent accounting firms, with 375 offices in 88 countries. These firms work together to service the cross border needs of our clients. As a member of Morison KSi, we can advise you globally, liaising with Morrison KSi members on your behalf.

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Worldwide Business Networks

Finding professional advisers and accountants who understand your requirements in a foreign territory can be very time consuming. Ideally your accountant has the right connections with the right expertise and local knowledge to work with you as part of your team.

Our members can meet many of your requirements in setting up or developing successful businesses abroad, such as accountancy, taxation, company law, audit, formation of companies, employment legislation, management information and data processing systems, corporate finance, business mergers, acquisitions and sales, joint ventures, strategic planning and business planning.

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