Working beyond the numbers

People aren't just important to our business …they ARE our business!

Hayes Knight is committed to helping everyone reach his or her full potential. Our first choice will always be to promote and transfer our existing talent.

We operate from 2 modern offices located in walking distance to all the cafes, shops and other amenities you'd need for errands or a nice lunch break in both Albany and Newmarket.  Find out about current vacancies.

A career at Hayes Knight will never be dull. You can expect to be exposed to many opportunities including:

  • Working beyond the numbers on Business Improvement, Forecasting, Financial Health Checks, Valuations and Financial Modelling to name a few
  • Exposure to a range of clients and industry sectors which will help you to expand and broaden your knowledge.
  • Build close relationships with your clients. We will teach you how to actively look for ways to improve their business.
  • Develop new products and services. We are always looking for team members to drive innovation.
  • Introduction to different service groups -  Tax, Business Advisory, Business Improvement.
  • Expansion into new areas of expertise - Succession Planning and organisational consulting, Knowledge Shop consulting, Training Academy, and presenting workshops and training sessions.
  • On the job guidance from a variety of accountancy professionals and technical experts
  • Clear career pathways to supervisory and management roles.

We're restlessly committed to keeping our people ahead of the game. We can't really call ourselves innovative, energetic and streetsmart without living up to it!

Hayes Knight is a great place to start your career because we are big enough to offer opportunities but not too big for you to become lost in the crowd.

Innovation is key to our success and we continue to develop new tools and resources for our team and clients.

We always have our finger on the pulse; this allows us to react quickly to changing market conditions so our team and clients are informed of industry changes and updates before or as they happen.

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