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Novopay Update Novopay Update

By now you should have received four MOE updates on financial reporting and payroll matters, the most recent of which was issued last week. These updates are giving clear and concise guidance on Novopay matters.

Banked Staffing Update Banked Staffing Update

The extension of the current banking staffing balancing period has been extended until 31 March 2014. This means that schools will carry over a staffing balance from 2012 into 2013, and there will be no automatic reimbursement of under-use or recovery of over-use during 2013 by the Ministry.

Schools Payroll Summary Report Certification Schools Payroll Summary Report Certification

You might remember that in previous years we have required the year end SUE summary report to be signed by the principal and board chairperson as confirmation that the employees and amounts paid appear correct. We now need you to do the same for this year.

School - Additional Audit Requirements School - Additional Audit Requirements

Not unsurprisingly as the issues have become clearer the OAG has recently requested that we perform some additional work relating to Novopay. This is in addition to work we have already done.

Novopay Novopay

Sadly this is the reason that many schools we have spoken to so far have not had a great start to the year. As your auditors we too have been dealing with the impacts of Novopay already. We have been doing our bit to ensure that the Office of the Auditor-General (OAG) is kept up to date with what we are hearing and seeing at schools as well as liaising with MOE troubleshooting staff.

Annual Reporting Instructions Annual Reporting Instructions

Annually the MOE publishes guidance on a range of topics affecting school financial statements. One such document is the Annual Report Instructions. This has answers to a number of common issues the MOE is seeing in their day to day work.

Banked Staffing Banked Staffing

On-going challenges with the Novopay system mean that we are still unsure exactly what information will be provided with regards year end accruals. We are hopeful that the remaining problems with Novopay will be able to be fixed to at least allow the banked staffing position to be calculated at year end.

OAG Report on the Education Sector OAG Report on the Education Sector

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) has compiled a report showing the results of the audits of all education sector entities in 2011.

Kiwi Park 2012 Model Financial Statements Kiwi Park 2012 Model Financial Statements

Kiwi Park has been published for 2012 and is on the MOE website.

Time for a spring clean Time for a spring clean

It’s that time of year when the weather starts to warm up and we start to think about all those jobs that we have been putting off over the winter months. As the school year comes to a close, it’s also a great time to think about the financial hygiene jobs at your school that haven’t been done for a while and could be in need of some TLC.
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