We create tools and resources for other Accountants including the Brookers Practical Auditing Manual, Tax Examples and Scenarios, Succession Tool Kit, Workpaper Packages and more.

Knowledge Shop Knowledge Shop

Knowledge Shop provides a help desk, access to Hayes Knight’s knowledge bank of tools and resources, monthly newsletters and quarterly training.

Succession Tool Kit Succession Tool Kit

Developed by the Hayes Knight Group, the Sale of Business and Succession Tool Kit is a turn key system for accounting practices and business advisers to assist clients with their succession needs.

Workpaper Package Advanced Workpaper Package Advanced

Preparing your own templates for your firm takes time and effort. With this list of pre-prepared templates most of the work is already done for you.

Tax Calendar Tax Calendar

A useful tool that includes important tax dates and tax rates that you need to be aware of throughout the year.

working at hayes
working at hayes
working at hayes
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