By Jaimee Hart – 4 May 2015

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. It’s a saying we all know, however, how many of us consider it when selecting the right business advisor?

Many advisory firms continue to operate in the same black and white, “traditional” way while assuming this is what their client expects. In reality businesses are changing, adapting and growing. Women are often playing a more significant role in the running and ownership of businesses and all these factors mean clients actually require a more dynamic, modern approach.

Although women aren’t from another planet, they do often think, interact, build relationships and make decisions differently. Recognising that a different perspective in business can be a great advantage, here are a few tips for women in business:

  • Don’t be afraid if you naturally approach things differently, it can be a strength!
  • Ensure you charge what you’re worth, don’t undersell yourself
  • Your business should be in an area you are passionate about. Love what you do!
  • Choose a solution focused advisor who understands your needs and challenges

Hayes Knight have a dedicated senior team of forward thinking and highly capable women who provide accounting, tax and advisory support. The team focus on delivering top class service and tailoring advice to meet the specific needs of every client.

With vast experience, Hayes Knight provide assistance ranging from typical tax and accounting services, to help with matrimonial and business valuations, due diligence and start-ups.

Discover how Hayes Knight can meet your needs in this evolving world – contact our expert advisors on 09 414 5444.

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