By Hayes Knight – 26 August 2016

Morison KSi, the global association for quality, border-free business, has launched a brand identity that embodies its new overarching philosophy, strategy and personality.

Hayes Knight in New Zealand is an independent member of Morison KSi.

The symbol is a sum of parts, much like the organisation itself, and is both dynamic and confident. The new identity introduces the Morison KSi brand to the world, and is used as an endorsement of quality and celebration of qualification for membership.

Liza Robbins, CEO of Morison KSi said: “This has been an extremely exciting project for Morison KSi and we are very proud of the outcome.  Morison KSi’s branding strategy is to build the brand and the icon as a 3rd party, independent ‘badge of quality’ for member firms.”

Morison KSi is a global association providing quality, border-free professional services. Our 163 members are dynamic, ambitious and independent firms, specifically chosen because of the quality and energy of their people and practice. Together, we offer partner-led and cost effective global reach across 375 offices in 87 countries, representing a combined revenue of US$1.03bn.

Morison KSi is delighted to unveil the brand to its members, their clients and the rest of the world.