New Rules for Incorporated Societies? :

By Hayes Knight – 28 June 2011

Currently much of the not-for-profit sector in New Zealand is governed by the century old Incorporated Societies Act 1908 – an Act which the Law Commission argues is in need of major reform.

We know that wading through Government discussion documents for most people holds a similar appeal as going to the dentist. However, we are going through a period of considerable legislative and regulatory change in New Zealand and these discussion documents are important.

No use complaining about the result if we don’t get involved in the process. That said, we wanted to alert you to the Review of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 in case you are connected to an Incorporated Society and would like to have your say. As part of our social responsibility, Hayes Knight intend to make a submission with our observations.

The Law Commission is seeking feedback on a range of issues and options for reform, including:

  • Whether all societies should, as a condition of incorporation, be subject to certain minimum governance rules that they cannot vary;
  • Whether a new Act ought to provide a code that makes the obligations of committee members clearer;
  • How the Act should provide for the resolution of disputes between members and their societies;
  • What rules societies ought to be required to have in their constitution and the nature of those rules.

Read the paper now and have your say >>

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