By Hayes Knight – 2 May 2013

By now you should have received four MOE updates on financial reporting and payroll matters, the most recent of which was issued last week. These updates are giving clear and concise guidance on Novopay matters.

We understand that further updates will be issued where there is a need.  We suggest you continue to read these and make sure you understand the implications of any changes for your school.  The following is a summary of the most recent material we have received from the MOE and the OAG of the Auditor General since our last newsletter.

At the moment, we are still waiting on the results of the audit of the central payroll system.  This work is assessing how reliable information in payroll reports is.  Until that work is completed and a report provided to the MOE and OAG, the exact impact on most school’s financial statements cannot be determined.  We are receiving regular updates on progress and will update you with relevant information as it comes to hand.

The OAG is releasing to us batches of schools that have no or few errors relating to Novopay.  They are doing this on a school by school basis across all schools in the country.  Until we receive their clearance, we are unable to complete the audit of your school.  While we appreciate that this is frustrating, unfortunately the matter is out of our hands.  We hope to be able to receive the necessary clearance on a large number of schools soon.

Due to the potential impact of the above changes, it is unlikely we will be able to complete any audits before the middle of May.  We will be doing our best to all but finish the audits we have in progress so that once information from the OAG and MOE is received we can complete these quickly.  Rest assured we are liaising closely with all parties involved and will do our best to get all audits completed as promptly as possible.  We thank you for your patience.