By Hayes Knight – 7 May 2014

A key trait of any successful business is one that is not only good at what it does and how it does it, but also always has a strategic eye out to the wider market place within which it operates.

Understanding the wider market better can be very powerful strategic information – which in turn can sometimes lead to initiatives to turn this into strategic advantage.  Accordingly we are always keen to share good information where we become aware of this.

The reports below from MBIE (the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment) are a comprehensive look at the New Zealand market both at a macro level as well as within various sectors.  They provide detailed information on the structure and performance of industry sectors alongside commentary from industry leaders.  While these contain a lot of information we think that there may be some gold in there for some of you.

New Zealand Sectors Report 2014: Main Report

The Knowledge Intensive Services Report