By Hayes Knight – 25 August 2010

We’ve noted that many of our registered charity clients are producing some excellent comprehensive annual reports each year for their stakeholders. These include their annual audited financial statements.

Importantly though, these annual reports also include lots of other great information about the organisation.  This often includes why it exists, recent successes, KPI’s, future plans needing support etc.   In our opinion, annual reports of worthy organisations deserve wide distribution and viewing.

Registered charities are now required to file their annual financial statements, the audited set if they are audited on the Charities Commission’s website for public viewing.  Yet we’ve observed that many are just filing their audited financial statements with the Charities Commission rather than their more comprehensive annual report.

Given that more people are now beginning to search the Charities Commission register for information about registered charities we think it is important you are putting your best foot forward.

Accordingly, if you are going to the effort of producing a more comprehensive annual report that includes your audited annual financial statements, and this is prepared in time for your annual return filing, we recommend that is the version that be filed with the Charities Commission.  In this way parties searching the Charities Commission register will be provided with a more comprehensive understanding of the nature, purpose, and achievements of your organisation rather than only being able to focus on your financial situation.

Filing your full annual report should help ensure you are providing the best information about your organisation to the general public.