By Hayes Knight – 2 May 2013

You might remember that in previous years we have required the year end SUE summary report to be signed by the principal and board chairperson as confirmation that the employees and amounts paid appear correct. We now need you to do the same for this year.

Given the uncertainty surrounding Novopay, the MOE has provided a revised certification that in effect provides a caveat in relation to Novopay issues.  This should allow the principal and chairperson to sign the certification despite the uncertainties of the Novopay system.  The certification is on the MOE website.  There is also guidance on checking the annual accrual report on the Novopay website.

It will be in your schools interests to complete this certification.  Should you be unwilling to sign the certification, we are required in the first instance to refer you back to the MOE, with the ultimate result of not signing being that your school will receive a qualified audit opinion.

We suggest you aim to have these signed at, or before, your May board meeting as we are aware that there are a number of board elections coming up and it will be easier for the existing chairperson to sign the certification than a new chair.  Please return these to us once they are signed.