By Hayes Knight – 2 September 2011

Faced with the “new normal” where fundraising for core needs has never been more challenging, what should a not for profit be focussed on when it comes to fundraising?

On the 30th August 2011 Hayes Knight invited Clive Pedley, Managing Director of Xponential Philanthropy, to share his valuable insight, experience and tips towards achieving a sustainable fundraising programme with over 60 representatives from the Not-for-Profit sector.

Some of the key messages from Clive’s presentation that stood out for us:

  • Work on increasing your advocates. Start by creating an 18 month communication plan that focuses on 4-6 key messages, other than giving.
  • Encourage board members to give. A committed and proactive board results in better fundraising across the organisation.
  • An aging population is a signal for some organisations to focus on bequests.
  • In New Zealand there is a level of dependency on Trusts and Foundations to provide funding. Organisations should review their engagement strategy to target individual donors. Keep the message compelling and urgent and present the opportunity as an investment proposal rather than just a donation.
  • Related to the point above, Trusts and Foundations are becoming more particular about the organisations they fund. They are tending to fund organisations where they can see a sustainable impact being achieved through their support.
  • Donors still do not understand that they can get 1/3 of a donation back as a tax credit. Hayes Knight is preparing a resource focused on this issue which we will circulate.

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