Apparently there’s a saying about electric bikes, or ‘e-bikes’ as they’re known. It goes something like, ‘before you try it, you think it’s cheating; after you’ve tried it, you don’t give a toss’.

Electric Bikes NZ Limited – James Speedy (left) with Director, Anthony Clyde

In 2017, Stuff journalist Rob Stock spent a week on an e-bike and wrote, “Hills lose their power to intimidate you. To ride an e-bike is to experience super-strength. With each turn of the pedal, the electric motor drives the rider forward as though they have preternatural muscle power.”

He said fellow e-bike commuters were saving buckets of cash by leaving the car at home, were getting fitter despite not being particularly athletic, were rediscovering the pure joy of cycling and were feeling virtuous at the same time. And perhaps best of all, they were upsetting the lycra-