The New Normal? :

By Hayes Knight – 24 February 2011

There has been a lot of talk recently about the economic factors facing New Zealand and the world. Almost all sectors in New Zealand are still experiencing difficult times out there. While our country is faring better than other parts of the world, it is likely to remain tough domestically for quite some time to come.

There is no question that we would all like the economy we face to be more buoyant. But here is the interesting point: we’re all facing the same economy. This means that the secret to success is often less about whether the wider economy is optimistic and more about ensuring your organisation is fit to make the best of the current reality. It’s easy to keep moaning and blaming the economy, but the key to success lies in accepting this as ‘the new normal’ and then objectively looking at every part of your operation to ensure it is fit for purpose.

To be truly objective, we also need to be wary of our habitual thinking. Adopt a different mindset and seek alternative perspectives. We are all familiar with the popular definition of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting a different result. However in the current environment maybe this definition needs to change to: doing the same thing and expecting the same result! What has worked for us in the past may not continue to work in this new environment.

The Hayes Knight team prides itself on going beyond the numbers and assisting clients to see their organisations in an objective manner. We can help by being a fresh set of eyes to enable you to see the issues and opportunities more clearly.  This is the new normal. Enjoy!

Craig Fisher 
Chairman, Hayes Knight New Zealand